"I love cute, colorful, and artsy things."

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Do I sell dolls?

No.  Although I occasionally sell my models (dolls), I mainly use my dolls to model the outfits that I make for them.  Here are links to where you can purchase the dolls I frequently sew for.

1.Dianna Effner's Little Darlings are painted by a handful of artists and can be purchased from them here:

Dianna Effner's site has dolls painted by her, Lana Dobbs, and Geri Uribe.  I have three Little Darlings.  Gina (my dark blue eyed, #1 sculpt) was painted by Geri.  My #3 smiley girl sculpt, Lucy, was painted by Helen Skinner.  Helen often has Little Darlings for auction on eBay.  Nelly painted my brown eyed #1 sculpt, Alice, and she can be found on her website.   Lana Dobbs and Pat Green are here.  Joyce Mathews has an etsy shop and is also on Facebook.  The newest artist to paint these dolls is Magalie Dawson at MHD Designs.  Dianna has a Little Darlings social site which you can join for free to chat and share pictures with other Little Darling fans.  

2. Wilde Imagination's Amelia Thimble and Izzy can be found  on eBay.  These are the tiniest dolls in my collection.  They are 4" tall.

3. Wilde Imagination's (Tonner) Patience can be found on eBay.

4.  Fairyland's Pukipuki is my other small doll.  She can be preordered from Denver Doll Emporium (or they have some in stock).  Fairyland's website in Korea is here.

5.  Kaye Wiggs dolls are sold through Jpop Dolls.  I currently have Talyssa (same body size as Mei Mei, 43 cm), Gracie (on the slightly larger MSD body size, 45 cm) and 11" Millie (same body size as Tillie and Lillie).  BTW, Gracie was available to order on 3 different body sizes.  To buy one of Kaye's dolls it must be available for preorder.  I am new to her dolls, but it seems as though there is always a doll available for preorder.  Kaye also has a social site that you can join for free to chat and find out more information from other collectors.

6.  Tonner's Patsy dolls are sold out from Tonner, but here is their gallery.  You can find them for sale on eBay.

7.  My Kish dolls have been purchased from Happily Ever After, Denver Doll Emporium, and eBay.  Helen Kish's website is Kish and Company.  To read more about Helen Kish, Helen Kish:  The Artist and her Dolls.

8.  Linda Macario's dolls are also sold through Jpop Dolls.  Right now the only Linda Macario doll that I create outfits for is Penny and Polly.  These dolls are a chubby bodied 8.6" or 22cm.  To buy one of Linda's dolls it must be available for preorder.

​9.  Rose, a 10" vinyl Boneka doll sculpted by Dianna Effner, can be purchased from Happily Ever After.

How can I purchase your doll clothes?

My doll clothes are sold through my website on the "Shop What's New" page.  Most are one-of-a-kind outfits so when they are sold they are no longer available.  To know when I have new things for sale I invite you to follow my blog to receive an email when my website is updated.  You can also "Like" my Facebook page if you are on Facebook.  To purchase something that is available please fill out the contact form on my website and I will send you a Paypal invoice.

Do you take commissions?

Even though I have in the past, at this time I am not taking commissions.

Do I sell patterns?

I have a free American Girl knit cardigan and mitts pattern on my blog.  I also have some knitted patterns for sale on this website.  They are listed by doll under the Shop Patterns tab above.

​Where do I ship?

I appreciate all of the love and support that I get from all of you, but please understand.  It takes many days to complete my doll outfits, and at this time I am not willing to take the risk to ship internationally.  Also, the cost to ship internationally, and include insurance and tracking is very high; the package needs to be sent via Priority Mail.  I don't set the postage rates and the insurance requirements.  I make an exception for the tiny outfits (Amelia Thimble's and Pukipuki's) when they can ship flat in an airmail envelope because they are a smaller time investment.