"I love cute, colorful, and artsy things."

Hello and welcome to Cindy Rice Designs.  I have been creating and selling my doll ensembles since 2003 or so.  My doll ensembles are all created by hand and most are one-of-a-kind or small editions.  If you would like to know what I have for sale right now click on the AVAILABLE tab on the pink bar above.

To keep up with what I'm working on, peek into my design world check out my blog.  To look at photos of my past work check out the Sold Gallery on my blog.  (The tab for gallery is located at the top of the blog.  The outfits are arranged by doll.)  On my blog you will also hear when I have new things for sale on this site.  Become a blog follower to get updates via email.  You will also find a complete gallery of my past work on my Flickr site.  Click my Flickr link right here to see all of my Flickr photos.  To see photos of a specific doll go to the "Albums" page located under my Flickr banner name.  To check what my customers have to say click on my eBay About Me page.  If I list auctions on eBay that news will be on my blog feed as well.  Oh, and for lots of eye candy I invite you to come and follow one or all of my boards on Pinterest.

Currently I dress Wilde Imagination's tiny Amelia Thimble & Izzy and Patience, Fairyland Pukipuki, Dianna Effner’s Little Darlings, Tonner’s Patsy and Ann Estelle, Kish Bethany, Kish 14” Chrysalis, 8" Kish babies, Pamela Macy’s Remy and Pia, Bo Bergemann’s Dream Dolls, Kaye Wiggs Talyssa & Mei Mei, Kaye Wiggs 11" tiny BJD dolls.

Again, welcome, and thanks for visiting.

Valentine's Day 2015 is next!

I put together this slideshow to help get you in the St. Valentine's Day spirit.